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If you’re an online casino player – even if you’ve only ever cashed in on the occasional free spin – then you understand the thrill of gambling. Pokies are probably the most popular type of online casino game in New Zealand today, and our goal at is to give you the freedom to play more and spend less!

There are plenty of veteran casino players out there who don’t have the faintest idea quite how many types and variations of bonus there are. Our role is to help online slots players in New Zealand to not only discover and learn about these bonuses, but also to cash in on them. On this page you’ll find all of the best, most lucrative offers and deals in existence.

And that’s not hyperbole – we have a team who dedicate each day to scouring the ‘net. It’s not all about monetary value either: we analyse the playthrough requirements, consider the reputation of the casino, its originality and a dozen other aspects before pitching them to you.

If you want to get your hands on New Zealand’s best online casino bonus offers and deals for 2018, then tuck in your napkin and dive right in – they’re all neatly stacked in the table below.

How We Choose the Best Offers Each Month

There’s an art to ranking online casino bonuses. Many gamblers jump at the biggest number of dollars, but we take our time, analysing more than the amount of cash. Some of the best-looking offers turn out to be empty boasts, while other under-marketed goldmines slip under the radar, so it’s important to be able to tell the difference.

So what do we look at?

Originality is a huge factor. The world of online casino is shrinking as it grows, and players get bored of seeing the same old horse being beat up time and again. When a casino comes along with an exciting, innovative bonus idea, it’s much more likely to find its way onto our lists. Of course, if the casino themselves have a reputation for swindling cash from players, or any other dodgy practises, no amount of innovation will get us to promote them.

The size and conditions of the wagering requirements also play a huge part. Many casinos are opting for 50x wagering requirements these days (in other words, virtually impossible odds) so when we see 20x, or 25x, that’s a huge plus. BGO have recently eliminated all wagering requirements, and we’re excited to see how that unfolds! Add in spurious T&Cs, like time limits and the cashable nature of a bonus, and there’s quite a lot to consider.

Exclusive Deals at

We negotiate hard with casinos to produce totally exclusive offers which can only be accessed through Why? Because in doing so, you can get your hands on more generous and unique bonuses than any other player out there – it’s a win-win. If you want constant access to astounding bonuses, just keep coming back for more – we’ll never stop having room at the table!

Why You Should Use Casino Bonuses

The thing about casino bonuses is that they’re almost always zero risk. If you take on a no deposit bonus when joining a new casino, you only get financially involved if you’re withdrawing your winnings. Otherwise, you don’t even need to pass on your bank details. Bonus offers in online casino are possibly the only way to actually get something for nothing; other times, you can get a lot for investing relatively little, like with free play bonuses.

There’s also a level of excitement associated with bonuses. If you’re getting free cash, or know that you’ll receive a cashback bonus on suffering any losses, you can play with a level of liberty and adrenaline that’s otherwise unattainable. Another reason why you might use casino bonuses is that they can be really, really lucrative.

Last Minute Offers and Deals

Sometimes good things come to an end too soon – but we’re there to ensure you don’t miss the deadline! Our last-minute offers and deals are all close to expiration, but if there’s still time to get involved and return laden with bonus cash, then we’re going to make sure you have quick access to it.

Much like booking a spur-of-the-moment vacation, last minute offers can inject some energy into what might otherwise have been another mundane, run of the mill afternoon. Check them out below, and don’t forget to act fast!

Our Latest \bonus Offers and Deals

With our eyes constantly peeled, vigilantly searching for brand-new releases, our latest offers and deals represent what’s happening in the world of online casino right now. Literally updating minute-by-minute, these are offers you won’t want to dismiss. We keep everything collated in a nice, orderly fashion in the following table.

Most Original Offers and Deals

If you’re in the mood for excitement, we suggest checking out a few of our most original casino bonus offers and deals. Whether it’s an innovative new strategy, plummeted wagering requirements or an offer that’s just too good to refuse, the following table represents the most creative and eye-catching offers the internet has to offer.


Here at, giving you direct access to the best, most creative and (hopefully) most lucrative offers is what we do. We shoulder the burden of responsibility and withstand the daily grind of locating these bonuses so that when you are in the mood to play, we have the offers ready and waiting for you.

If you like casino bonuses – or are interested in learning more about them – then you should feel right at home. What’re you waiting for? Go grab a bonus!