Casino VIP Bonuses & Rewards

Many online casino players are only part-timers, spending maybe $10-50 a month on pokies and the odd game of roulette or blackjack, but for others, that’s just a drop in the ocean. If you have a bankroll of tens of thousands of bucks just waiting to be spent, then why would you potter around at $0.50 spins and bonuses worth a handful of free spins?

VIP bonuses & rewards are issued by casinos in recognition of players who continuously pile large sums into their accounts, and who wager extremely regularly. The bonuses aren’t purely financial, and are exclusively available to VIP members, including a personal account manager, VIP-only games and lucrative prize draws.

Here at we are committed to giving you all the information you need to gamble with better awareness and knowledge about the industry. Want to find the casinos with the most lucrative and beneficial VIP schemes? Look no further than this table right here – trust us, it’s the real deal legit.

200% up to $5000
100% up to $600
200% up to $2500
200% up to $2000

What Are VIP Bonuses & Rewards?

Put simply, these are tokens of appreciation from casinos, given to those players who spend the most money at their specific establishment. While any player can redeem a welcome bonus, or get something for nothing with a no deposit bonus, you need to put in long hours to become recognised as a VIP.

Most casinos have a system where players earn points proportional to their wagering; by earning points, players can climb the ranks. While pure spending will get you pretty high up the ladder, VIP status is usually obtained by direct invitation only. By committing to one casino, wagering regularly, participating in tournaments and so on, you’re likely to be invited eventually.

Why Join a VIP Club?

Being a VIP is a mark of esteem for many, and receiving an invite is a huge compliment from the casino. More importantly, however, is the fact that VIPs are spoiled rotten! A personal account manager is a given. You’re also likely to receive tickets to popular events, VIP-only games become available and high-value prize draws are common. You might also enjoy:

  • Exclusive offers
  • Unique VIP bonuses
  • Increased bet limits on regular games
  • Free cash, spins and in-game rewards

For pokies fans with impressive wallets, VIP status should always be a goal. Online pokies are becoming more and more popular every single year, and as a result casinos are pushing the boundaries of bonuses to new heights. Start now, and by the time you become a VIP the rewards could be even greater than those commonly offered today!

Our Favourite VIP Program

Remember we said that some VIP programs are invite-only? We think that this can be a bit harsh on new players who, despite their gross spending, haven’t racked up the hours to reach the pinnacle. Our favourite loyalty program is that at Jackpot City – New Zealand’s premier online casino.

And guess what? No invitation required to become a rockstar VIP here.

The VIP rankings at Jackpot City are structured in tiers, and you transition between the different levels by collection points as follows:

  • Blue, 0-999 points
  • Bronze, 1000+ points
  • Silver, 10,000+ points
  • Gold, 20,000+ points
  • Platinum, 40,000+ points
  • Diamond, 60,000+ points

Points are earned through wagering. If you have a good run and get plenty of bets in, you could climb all the way to Bronze level in a single session! Naturally there are more prizes and rewards available the higher you climb; how quickly you do that is down to you!

How to Get a VIP Membership

As a rule, obtaining your VIP membership is done one of two ways:

  • Through spending, earning points and climbing to the highest rank
  • Being invited by the casino directly

It’s down to the specific casino which method is employed, but either route will involve spending a whole lotta cash! Ideally you’ll keep hovering around your regular balance without too many heavy losses – that way you can keep placing wagers without continuously depositing into your account.


The first thing we should make clear is that, much like high roller bonuses, VIP schemes aren’t for everyone. There’s no sense spending above your means just to try and become VIP: only bet what you can afford!

For those who do have the finances to make a real go of it, VIP schemes can be exceptionally rewarding. Having your personal account manager, faster withdrawals and exclusive offers truly revolutionises the world of online casino, and we encourage you to get involved.