Free Play Bonus

Online casino bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, with offerings from free spins, to matched deposits and straight-up free cash. If you haven’t heard of a free play bonus before, then we’re glad to announce that it falls into the final category: free cash, and plenty of it.

On this page we’ll talk about how to find the best bonuses, why they’re worthwhile and, of course, how to get the most bang for your buck. If that all sounds interesting, then get started by checking out our highest rated free play bonuses in the table below. Honestly, any one of these could turn into a monstrous payday, and we don’t want you missing out on the fun!

What is a Free Play Bonus?

Ever heard of a no deposit bonus? It’s a very similar idea, but doubled up…about ten times. Traditional no deposit bonuses work by giving the player a handful of free spins or some bonus cash to spend in the casino – usually on a few specific pokies. Whatever the player wins with that bonus cash then comes their balance; subject to surpassing the wagering requirements (see “terms & conditions” further down) they can withdraw their cash.

Without investing a single cent in the casino themselves.

Since free play bonuses are a similar principle to no deposit bonuses but with way more money, surely we’ve got you interested now?

There are 3 main differences between this and the regular no deposit bonus:

  • Amount of money
  • Timescale
  • How cash is withdrawn


This is the hook that gets everyone excited. Free play bonuses often grant upwards of a thousand dollars to players, with no deposit. With high roller bonuses you might be able to generate a similar amount of cash, but only by depositing an equally large amount.


As a rule, you only get between 30 minutes and a couple of hours to make as much money as you can with your free cash. It’s easily the most adrenaline-pumping version of online slots in existence.

Redeeming and withdrawal

If you play hard and lose all of your bonus cash, then oh well – nothing lost. If you make a tidy sum, however, all you have to do is make the casino’s minimum deposit (often $20) and the entire sum of cash raised will be added to your account as bonus money. Subject to completing the usual playthrough requirements, the money is yours!

Why You Should Use Free Play Bonuses

The thing about free play bonuses is that you have absolutely nothing to lose. Say the casino gives you $2,000 and half an hour to make as much money as you can. Whether you drop to zero, make a million bucks or stay exactly at $2,000, you haven’t spent a penny.

It’s true that in order to withdraw your winnings you need to make a deposit. However, depositing $30 in order to add thousands to your account is a pretty generous trade. Say you manage to wade through the wagering requirements and only have $500 or your original $2k left, that’s more than a 1500% increase.

There’s absolute freedom in using free play bonuses. You get all the thrill and adrenaline of high roller play without footing a massive bill, so why wouldn’t you?

Where to Find Free Play Bonuses

Your first stop shop for free play bonus information is right here at It’s our duty to perpetually scan the internet looking for new bonuses and comparing them to the rest of the market.

A good bonus isn’t just the monetary value (though we’ll admit that’s a big part), it’s also about getting fair wagering requirements, knowing how trustworthy the casino is and a dozen other, smaller things. We don’t make recommendations without serious consideration, so when we say “these are the best offers on the market right now”, you know you won’t find better information anywhere else.

Terms & Conditions

When it comes to fine print and “catches”, there are a few things to consider with any online casino free play bonus:

  • Wagering requirements
  • Profit ceilings
  • Time constraints
  • Minimum deposit

Wherever you go, you’ll face wagering requirements of some kind before the casino will allow you to withdraw. These can range from as little as 15-20x (rare) all the way through to 50x (more common at Microgaming establishments), with the average about 30x. Where possible, we always try to recommend low wagering casinos where the odds of turning a profit are highest.

Free play bonuses frequently allow no more than an hour to turn your bonus into a goldmine, so make sure you know exactly how long you’ve got, and keep that time slot free of distractions. Check if there’s a maximum total profit to be made (there usually is) and how much you’ll need to deposit in order to transfer your huge bonus sum to your playable balance.


Free play bonuses offer both the lucrative rewards of high roller bonuses with the safety and low-risk nature of no deposit bonuses. For many players, it’s the ideal halfway house. Take a look at some of the offers on this page and see if anything can tempt you. Trust us: once you’ve tried a free play bonus, there’s no turning back to simple free spins!