Low Wagering Bonuses

If you’re relatively new to the world of online casino, you might not be familiar with the concept of, or the reason behind, wagering requirements. Casinos regularly hand out no deposit bonuses and free spins to players – however, you can’t simply withdraw this money immediately or when you make your first profit. If you could, the casinos would go bust within months.

Wagering requirements stipulate that you need to bet your winnings multiple times. If you can survive a while on the pokies without losing your money, then you’ve earned the right to keep it; that’s the rough idea, at least. As you can imagine, the lower the wagering requirement, the better.

Casinos with the lowest requirements put themselves at the highest risk of losing money, but give the player their best chance of making a free profit. To get you started, we’ve compiled a handy list of some of the best low wagering bonuses available right now – check out the table below for details!

100% up to $600
100% up to $100
100% up to $200
200% up to $5000
200% up to $2500
200% up to $2000
100% up to $1000
100% up to €25
200% up to $3000

Wagering Requirements: An In-Depth Explanation

Since many prospective players don’t fully understand the role which wagering requirements play in online casino, they are often shed in an unclear or downright negative light – that shouldn’t be the case. As we’ve highlighted, their purpose is simply to give the casino a chance to make its money back – sometimes you win, other times the casino wins. In order to make things crystal clear, let’s talk about the playthrough with an example.

The Playthrough

Let’s say you sign up with a casino and earn 20 no deposit free spins, with a wagering requirement of 25x. You use all 20 free spins on your chosen game, and have a total winnings pot of $50 – congratulations! In order to withdraw any money, you must now meet the wagering requirements, or “playthrough”, which is calculated as follows: $50 x 25 = $1,250. In other words, you must place $1,250 worth of bets before you can withdraw your winnings. On pokies, this is done by wagering and winning with small enough losses that, once you hit $1,250 wagered, you still have something left in the bank. If your bank balance hits $0.00, then you’re out of luck and it’s game over: you’ll have to deposit cash to keep playing, and the bonus money is gone. It’s the exact same premise with matched deposits. Say you deposit $100 and get $100 free of charge (a very common promotion) with a wagering requirement of 25x: you’ll need to wager $100×25 = $2,500 worth of bets before you can make your withdrawal.

Profit Caps

When a player makes a profit from a no deposit bonus, they are literally getting something for nothing from the casino; in other words, the casino is making a direct loss. In order to stem the bleeding, as it were, no deposit bonuses often have an upper profit limit. If the limit was $200, for example, and a player cleared the playthrough with $500 remaining in their account, the maximum they could withdraw would be $200 – the rest disappears. Caps are usually much higher with matched-deposit bonuses, since players are still risking their own money. It could be many thousands, or quite often there’s no limit at all since few players actually overcome the wagering requirements.

Game Contribution

Depending on your game of choice within a casino, the house edge (aka the odds of winning) will vary. As a rule, low house edge games such as blackjack and roulette (where you can bet black or red, for instance) do not contribute to your wagering requirement. Occasionally they’ll be worth as much as 10% value, which means that for our $2,500 requirement, you’d have to place $25,000 worth of roulette bets. Pokies are almost universally 100% contributors, while some table games lie in-between at around 25%-50%. It’s almost never worth your time playing table games, however, since your wagering amount effectively increases. Stick to slots and you’ll get there fastest.

Time Limitations

For no deposit free spins, you could be looking at a time limit of as little as a few days to take your spins and overcome the playthrough requirement. The average time limit is probably 7 days, with some high-value promotions lasting longer. It’s critical to check the time limit on any promotions since your balance will be nullified the minute your timer hits zero. Stay vigilant here as you won’t be happy if you get caught out!

Low Wagering Casinos

As you’ve probably noticed by now, finding a casino with low wagering requirements can offer you a serious advantage when it comes to raking in profit. To give you an idea, some promotions come with playthroughs of as little as 15x, while Ladbrokes promotes at 50x – to say the difference is monumental would be an understatement. Check out our table below for all of the latest promotions from low wagering casinos and start taking home the spoils of victory!


Wagering requirements are a clever way for casinos to offer free money whilst also ensuring that they still win 95% of the time, if not more. However, if you can get your hands on a nice, low playthrough, then bringing home a tidy payout is actually very possible – regular, even. Make sure you always come back here to find the latest promotions which give you the best odds of bringing home the bacon, and have fun!