No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are the probably the most successful marketing and customer-building technique ever employed in the world of online casino. The allure of playing for free (and actually for free!) combined with the tantalizing prospect of taking home a healthy tax-free paycheck makes for a magnetic draw on potential players.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

It’s where the casino gives you free playing credit (usually either cash or free spins on pokies) from which you can win real cash sums, often worth hundreds of dollars. To give you an idea of what’s out there, we’ve compiled a list of the best no deposit casino bonuses right here – check them out below.

Don’t worry about these going out of date, either: we regularly update the site with the latest and greatest offers from around New Zealand!

100% up to $400
100% up to $600
100% up to $200
100% up to $1000

No Deposit Slot Bonuses

When it comes to online slots, no deposit bonuses are the not-so-hidden gems that players are always looking to mine. The most common forms of bonus are:

  • Free spins – A number of spins on selected slots, all winnings pulled together.
  • Bonus cash – Usually a few dollars, to be spend on certain games.
  • Cashback – A percentage of your losses over time returned to you as a lump sum.
  • Free play – Casino credit which must be wagered within a short time frame.

With the exception of cashback, these all give you the chance to win real money without investing a single penny of your own. You don’t even have to link your bank details to the casino!

Many would-be gamblers are hesitant to get started in case they incur heavy losses; no deposit bonuses give such players the chance to try out the casino and perhaps play a few games without any risk. If they choose to invest afterwards, then at least they know what gaming will be like.


Why Are They So Popular?

The obvious reason: no deposit bonuses genuinely require zero investment on your end, making them financially risk-free. The thrill of gambling with the reassurance that your bank balance will remain untouched offers huge appeal to new players.

How to Use a No Deposit Bonus to My Advantage?

Take advantage of as many as you can! Playing aggressively is usually your best bet – if you can choose the bet amount per spin, then always aim high. It’s free money, remember? The most effective way to win big is to play big – you’ve nothing to lose.

Where Can I Find No Deposit Bonuses?

Right here! At we have a team of dedicated bonus-hunters who update the website with the latest and most lucrative offers on a near-daily basis: even this webpage will be updated regularly with new bonuses, so just keep coming back for more!

Can I Keep My Winnings?

Absolutely. Once you’ve overcome the wagering requirements (“the catch”, if you will – see Understanding the Fine Print below), any remaining winnings will be yours. Some bonuses have upper limits on the withdrawal amount (for example, $200), but since they’ve essentially given you this money for free, it’s pretty understandable.

How Do I Redeem a Bonus?

There’s nothing easier. When you visit the site (and the bonuses are usually reserved for new players) you simply register with your name, email address and phone number. You’re then directed to the homepage and your bonus will already be in your account. Simply navigate to your preferred game and choose to play with your free spins, credit or bonus cash!

Understanding the Fine Print

When something sounds too good to be true…

We know how it sounds, and that phrases such as “free money” can put people on edge. Of course the casinos aren’t giving away money, or they’d go bankrupt. So here’s the fine print: you are given free spins or cash to spend at the casino. However, the amount you win from the bonus cash is subject to so-called wagering requirements.

The wagering requirement basically says you have to bet your total winnings multiple times before you can withdraw. For example, the wagering requirement may be 20x. This means that if you win $50 through free spins, you must subsequently place $1,000 (20×50) worth of bets before you can withdraw the cash to your account.

This isn’t a scam or anything of the sort, just a way for the casino to offer something-for-nothing while also safeguarding their liquidity. Many players still take home a healthy wedge of cash, just not everyone, and not every time.


No deposit bonuses are a fantastic way for players to get an introduction to a new casino, but primarily they’re a way to earn money without any financial investment. In this sense they are totally unique. The range of bonuses are equally staggering, anything from 5 free spins to over a hundred, or up to $20, $30 or even $50 in cash!

If you play and win – great. If you play and lose – well, there are hundreds more no deposit bonuses out there just waiting to be reclaimed. Good luck out there, and make sure to pop back soon for the latest updates on bonuses!